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  • Not all questions have to be answered. It is okay to provide answers only to the questions that are the most important to you and your group, or ones that you have had particular experience with that AA as a whole could benefit from. Also, your answers can be as short or as long as you want.
  • Please refer to the Important Reference Documents for the Conference Questions in full, along with the background information. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENT HERE.
  • If you have any questions, need any help with the process, or want to also include supporting documents, please email conference@aamidsurrey.org.uk (remember to include your name, group and question number).
  • Please enter your responses in the text box below each question


1. Would Conference discuss: a) whether the Fellowship’s use of the terminology “closed” and “open” to describe AA meeting attendance restrictions confuses newcomers and thereby detracts from our primary purpose, and b) if required, recommend a better solution?

2. Review Chapter 4 of the AA Service Handbook for Great Britain 2017 “For AA Members Employed in the Alcoholism Field”. Consider the contribution to the carrying of the message, financial and practical implications when deliberating each question.


1. Would Conference please discuss and share its experience about Tradition 7 monies being
collected electronically?

2. Would Conference discuss, consider and make recommendations on whether "speaker tapes" - audio files and/or podcasts of AA members sharing their experience, strength and hope - could be incorporated into the AA GB website www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk?


1. Would Conference discuss the idea of adding a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) AA Helpline service to the AA GB website?

2. Would the Fellowship discuss, share experience and make recommendations on how we are able to introduce telephone and internet banking at all levels of service, being ever mindful of our current practice of requiring two signatories on each cheque issued.


1. Inventory Questions
a) Is AA still carrying the message of recovery effectively, i.e. sharing experience, strength and hope, offering sponsorship, talking about the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions?
b) Would Conference share its experience on how AA can do this more effectively?

2. Review new addition “Chat Now Service” to be added to Chapter 3 of the AA Service
Handbook for Great Britain 2017.


1. Inventory Questions
a) Would Conference share experience and knowledge of the problems surrounding
attracting members into Service at their Group and how to encourage Service at
Intergroup, especially in rural areas.
b) Would Conference review the resources available to Intergroups and make
recommendations on how best they are used to attract representation at Intergroup
by Groups in their area.

2. Would Conference consider how the Fellowship’s social media presence can be improved to enhance AA’s ability to carry the message?


1.Would Conference share their experiences and make recommendations on:
a. What can be done when a Group has no named Officers and/or the contact no longer
b. Is there any way in which the local Intergroup can assist, given that we do not govern but are trusted servants?
c. Could GSO be asked to carry out an annual review/renewal process for Pink Form
details for each Group to remain on the internet listings, Where to Find etc., and also inform the appropriate Intergroup of any significant changes?

2. Would the Fellowship share experience of money in AA bank accounts being inaccess
ible due to signatories having left the group and make recommendations as to how the
Fellowship may make access to our funds possible.