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Edwin Throckmorton Thacher (Ebby) 1896 – 1966

  • Ebby was a schoolboy friend of Bill’s and later became a drinking buddy.
  • Ebby was institutionalised several times and was often banned from clubs, bars and even towns.
  • Ebby faced jail for 6 months when he was caught shooting at pigeons in his backyard after several warnings about his drunkenness.
  • Membership of the Oxford Groups saved him from prison – a fellow member vouched for him in court and promised to look after him.

Ebby Visits Bill W.

Ebby visited Bill in late November 1934 as he’d heard that his friend was suffering. Bill was surprised to see his old drinking buddy sober.

Ebby refuses a drink offered by Bill and says ‘I’ve got religion.’ He explains his experiences in the Oxford Groups and tells Bill: ‘You can define your own concept of a Higher Power’.


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