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The strength of our whole structure starts with the group and with the General Service Representative that the group elects.

A message for new GSR’s

Hello and welcome! Before you get started with your new service there are just a couple of things we need you to do to make sure you get all the correct information while you’re GSR for your home group.

1. Please complete the following online form

Is your meeting a new meeting? yesno

Are you a new GSR?yesno


2. You will need to register your details (and group if it’s new) with York AA.
You can find the link here: https://www.alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk/AA-Meetings/Submit-Your-Meeting-Information-(Pink-Form)


3: Look out for invitations to the quarterly MSIG Assembly meetings
They are held in Guildford at the Quaker Hall. They are every first Tuesday of the month in March, June, September and December and last from 8pm till 9.30pm (see dates below). It’s important that you attend or send an elected Alternate GSR so that Intergroup can learn about any issues that may be affecting your group and so that you can feed any information from Intergroup back to your group.


4. Make sure you circulate the PI volunteer list  and 12 step phone list regularly
Get members of your group involved and then return them to secretary@aamidsurrey.org.uk.


5. Keep your home group updated on any upcoming conventions, workshops and service vacancies within MSIG.

When you register as a GSR you will be added to our mailing list, if you re not on our mailing list for any reason please submit the form below:

MSIG Assembly meetings

The purpose of these meetings is for the GSR’s (Group Service Representatives) to discuss matters affecting their groups.

Dates for 2018 are as follows:

  • Tuesday March 6th 2018
  • Tuesday June 5th 2018
  • Tuesday September 4th 2018
  • Tuesday December 4th 2018