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MSIG Vacancies March 2019

Two years continuous sobriety is the suggested minimum sobriety for Liaison positions.  It’s ideal, but not essential if the nominee has previous experience as a GSR.  Please do ask former GSR’s of your group if they would consider Intergroup Service.  The term of service is from 2 – 3 years.  It may help to let your group members see the enclosed short summaries and references to the handbooks

A serving GSR can also hold a Liaison position.

In MSIG Liaison Officers are members of our Steering and PI Committee which meets quarterly a month before Assembly.

Liaison officers are asked to attend most MSIG Committee and Assembly meetings and at least one South East Region (SER) workshop each year.  A Liaison Officer also submits a brief written report every quarter.

NB please refer any candidates to the roles as described in our AA Structure and Service Handbooks.  These are available in pdf form on our website, and at most meetings.


Public Information Liaison Officer (PILO)  (Chapter One of Service Handbook)

PI work is carrying the message of recovery from alcoholism in AA, to the general public.  Most of our liaisons do PI service work.

In MSIG, our PI Liaison passes on requests for information/literature/talks to the relevant Liaison officer such as Employment, Health , Probation and Criminal Justice or Armed Services etc and offers support to other liaison officers.

Liaison officers may choose to work on certain projects together.  Others they may work on separately and get their own team together to assist them.

Some requests – such as for a radio interview, could either be filled by our PILO, or they could delegate the service to the most suitable person.  Our PILO will also instigate new contacts with the community.

Share Liaison officer (Structure Handbook 2018– pages 79 and 89)
Share magazine is like a meeting in print.  Our Share Liaison provides the essential contacts between members, groups and the Share editorial teams. They actively encourage the contribution of articles and letters. They promote Share magazine and support group Share Reps.  In the past, Liaisons have visited MSIG meetings who don’t subscribe to Share and told them a bit about the magazine.

Young Persons Liaison Officer (Service Handbook 2018– page 73)
The YPLO will be a member who came in to AA at the age of 30 or younger.  
A past YPLO set up our Guildford Monday young persons meeting. Perhaps MSIG could have another. Our YPLO will work closely with other MSIG Liaison officers and assist where the audience at a PI event has significant numbers of young people.  They will be able to help answer 12 step calls and enquiries from young people.  They will develop a contact list of members who came in under 30 years of age.  They may also wish to be involved in national and international Young Peoples conventions.

Employment Liaison Officer (Service Handbook 2018– page 45)
This role involves carrying the AA message to local employers.  A business-like approach to employers is most likely to succeed.  AA can supply literature, posters and local meeting information to an employer and let them know that AA is available as a community resource.  Sue D, our current liaison (rotating out in March)  is happy to talk through the role, and pass on her contacts.  She feels that it is a good role to start working with the MSIG Intergroup and committee.

Please do not hesitate to call me, and my fellow committee members if you have any questions about these posts and how to apply.

For more information please contact: chair@aamidsurrey.org.uk