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MSIG Vacancy September 2019

Two years continuous sobriety is the suggested minimum sobriety for Liaison positions.  It’s ideal, but not essential if the nominee has previous experience as a GSR.  Please do ask former GSR’s of your group if they would consider Intergroup Service.  The term of service is from 2 – 3 years.  It may help to let your group members see the enclosed short summaries and references to the handbooks

A serving GSR can also hold a Liaison position.

In MSIG Liaison Officers are members of our Steering and PI Committee which meets quarterly a month before Assembly.

Liaison officers are asked to attend most MSIG Committee and Assembly meetings and at least one South East Region (SER) workshop each year.  A Liaison Officer also submits a brief written report every quarter.

NB please refer any candidates to the roles as described in our AA Structure and Service Handbooks.  These are available in pdf form on our website, and at most meetings.


Electronic Communications Liaison Officer (ECLO) (The AA Service Handbook Chapter Three)

The principal role of the ECLO is one of liaison, communication and co-ordination between groups, intergroup, region, and the Electronics Communications Sub-Committee (ECSC) – and to facilitate correlation and dissemination of relevant information between these principal service areas. Therefore a good understanding of the Traditions and Service and Structure Handbooks is more important to the role than technical knowledge. A minimum of three years’ sobriety is recommended, and a general competence with the use of computers.

If desired, a committee of technically skilled members could be formed to assist the ECLO in setting up/maintaining/updating any local website, with the ECLO acting as Chair of this committee. Such a committee would provide an opportunity for less experienced but technically skilled members to engage in service.

For more information please contact: chair@aamidsurrey.org.uk