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Bill’s Spiritual Experience

Bill W. entered Towns Hospital for the last time on December 11th 1934. As he experienced alcohol withdrawal and delirium tremens his friend Ebby visited him and discussed the Oxford Group ideas for recovery.

Bill then took a course of action as practiced by the Oxford Group Movement (similar to the steps) which led to a spiritual awakening

Bill expressed deep remorse for his actions and for the harm done to his wife, Lois. In desperation he prayed that he would do anything, anything at all for help.

‘If there be a God, let Him show Himself! Suddenly, my room blazed with an indescribably white light. I was seized with an ecstasy beyond description. In my mind I stood upon a mountain, where a great wind blew. A wind, not of air, but of spirit. It blew clean through me. Then came the blazing thought – “You are a free man”. So this is the God of the preachers!’.

Bill W. never took another drink.

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