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Rowland Hazard

Rowland Hazard

Rowland Hazard was a prominent businessman and former Rhode Island State Senator. He suffered from alcoholism. He sought help from the famous Swiss psychologist Dr. Carl Jung and underwent treatment for a year. He then drank again and was bewildered by the experience.

Jung pronounced Rowland a chronic alcoholic and therefore hopeless and beyond the reach of medicine as it was at the time (a credible opinion, considering Jung’s unique role in the development of psychoanalysis).

The only hope Jung could offer was for a life-changing “vital spiritual experience” — an experience which Jung regarded as a phenomenon.

Dr. Carl Jung

Rowland decided to develop his spiritual life in the Oxford Groups meetings in Vermont.

Whilst attending the meetings in Shaftsbury VT, he heard about the plight of Ebby Thacher.

He decided to speak for Ebby in court and then to help him spiritually. Rowland was convinced that Ebby could get sober if he could accept spiritual principles. Ebby got sober and travelled to New York to visit his old school friend Bill Wilson.

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