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Mid Surrey AA and Covid-19 – Physical meetings

5th November 2020

Mid Surrey AA and Covid -19 – Physical meetings

Please find our Mid Surrey physical face to face meetings by clicking on our Physical meeting tab

The link is http://aamidsurrey.org.uk/meetings/

Face to face AA Meetings are currently restricted to 15 people and the meeting will have its own guidance re how to attend.  For current guidance please click here.

We also have many online meetings which are very well run and welcome all newcomers.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to call.

Alice, Chair 07773 369081


19 August 2020

Dear All,

I’d like to let you know that the government regulations on meeting indoors were updated on 14th August.

You can find one of the updates here:


The good news is that by adhering to government guidance, each Mid Surrey AA group is indemnified under our Public Liability Insurance.

This is the position of our Insurers:

“In connection with the insurance position, we would expect you to establish effective protocols to implement all relevant guidance and procedures developed by the Government for the prevention of the transmission of Covid-19. The Public and Employers Liability insurance provided by Methodist Insurance church policies would protect the interests of the trustees were they to be found legally liable for bodily injury, which would include contracting COVID-19, subject to the relevant policy terms and conditions.  

In less legalese terms – we don’t impose any restrictions on your activities over and above the Government advice. So at any point if the Government advise that an activity is allowed then your policy will protect you – procedures on distancing should of course be implemented.”

Please also refer to our General Service Office (GSO) guidance:


We all have a responsibility to keep AA as safe as possible for each other and for new members.

Please send me ideas and updates to share with other members as we learn and evolve.

I will let you know when any further government guidance affects us in Mid Surrey AA.


Chair@aamidsurrey.org.uk   M: 07773 369081


29 June 2020

Dear All,

The AA General Service Board and the General Service Office have issued information re how groups might approach resuming their face to face (F2F) meetings.  It includes 15 points to carefully consider.

Please read this through before resuming face to face meetings.


I would like to add:

As groups are autonomous, the specific guidelines from government and from their venues can be discussed, and plans can be made in their group conscience.

You can find government guidelines for England here:


The meeting venue will decide how many attendees they can allow, within government guidelines.  A group may want to consider using a larger room or a larger venue.

A venue may request that: a one way system for entry and exit is used; that extra cleaning is required and/or that they may need to charge extra for cleaning.

Around Mid Surrey many venues are preparing to welcome AA groups back.  Some will take more time to plan carefully for this than other venues.


These are meetings that are both F2F and online at the same time

There will be AA members who cannot attend face to face meetings for health and other reasons.

For these members groups can consider combining online and face to face meetings.

 Ideas for “Hybrid” meetings. 

A laptop in the F2F meeting could access a mobile hotspot to continue online meeting access for those members who do not feel comfortable returning to physical meetings.  A loudspeaker system could be connected to laptop to allow meeting members to hear those only online.  An external microphone to be connected to laptop so online members can hear those physically present.

The online screen could be projected onto a screen at the meeting

This all needs  testing!


A group could opt for having both F2F and Online meetings – but separately.


We will need to keep a record of contact details of members who have attended face to face meetings – a name and telephone number (and email if offered).  If a member tests positive for corona virus then their recent contacts will be traced and advised how to proceed to protect themselves and their families and society as a whole.  A longer sober member of the group could take responsibility for keeping these records securely for 21 days after each meeting and then shredding them.

I have emailed a sample record sheet to GSR’s.


Your venue may conduct the risk assessment themselves or they may ask you to conduct one.  Your group may well have a member who is experienced in carrying out risk assessments.  I do have a sample risk assessment kindly provided by one of our members from Staines.  Let me know if you need this also.

Please remember to check our website www.aamidsurrey.org.uk regularly for information.  As face to face meetings resume, they will be listed under their usual tab.

Please update MSIG AND GSO with information re opening of F2F meetings, and any closure of online meetings.

Meeting details – email eclo@aamidsurrey.org.uk and cc. me.

Remember to read through the update from GSO (link above)

Please send me ideas and updates to share with other members as we learn and evolve.


Chair@aamidsurrey.org.uk   M: 07773 369081