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Conference 2021

55th General Service Conference 16 – 18 April 2021
I have pleasure in attaching the Fifty-Fifth General Service Conference Committee Agenda (1) together with the background material for Committee No. 1, Question 4 –Addition to ‘The General Service Board’, section 3, under heading ‘Appointment of new members of the General Service Board (2),  Committee No. 2, Question 3 – Revised chapter The General Service Conference, section 1.5 Delegates, point B, Rotation (3) and Committee No. 4, Question 3 – Revised Chapter 3, “AA and Electronic Communications, section 3.6 The AA GB Website (4).__
Also attached is the Literature Proposals’ covering letter (5) from Erik A, Trustee Chair for Literature Sub-committee and the following items which will be presented to Conference 2021:
                Revised Literature
                Carrying the AA Message to the Hard of Hearing pamphlet
                Original Carrying the Message to the Hard of Hearing
pamphlet (7)
                Hints & Suggestions for 12th Steppers DRAFT and ORIGINAL
                New Literature
                Growing into Service (9)
                Original Growing into Service (10)
                Item from Conference 2019
                15 Points Pamphlet (11)
                Original 15 Points pamphlet from the 12th Step Starter
Pack (12)