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Alcoholic and Medication

Please consult this document when considering your advice to fellow alcoholics about their use of medication as they recover from alcoholism.

These are the suggestions from AA

  • No A.A. member should “play doctor”; all medical advice and treatment should come from a qualified physician.
  • Active participation in the A.A. program of recovery is a major safeguard against alcoholic relapse.
  • Be completely honest with your doctor and yourself about the way you take your medicine. Let your doctor know if you skip doses or take more medicine than prescribed.
  • Explain to your doctor that you no longer drink alcohol and you are trying a new way of life in recovery.
  • Let your doctor know at once if you have a desire to take more medicine or if you have side effects that make you feel worse.
  • Be sensitive to warnings about changes in your behavior when you start a new medication or when your dose is changed.
  • If you feel that your doctor does not understand your problems, consider making an appointment with a physician who has experience in the treatment of alcoholism.