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Sponsorship pamphlet (AAWS) – Service Sponsorship

Dear All,

Thank you to all those who attended our Assembly and Conscience one Tuesday 4 September.

Alan T., our guest Chair for the conscience has sent us the details of the guidance he mentioned, on service sponsorship from the AA World Services pamphlet “Questions & Answers on Sponsorship”.

I attach links to the pamphlet and the service sponsorship excerpt.

All the best,

Alice N. (Chair MSIG)

p-15_Q&AonSpon AAWS 2018

Service Sponsorship from AAWS


MSIG SPONSORSHIP Workshop, Oct 30th at 8pm, Guildford

Mid Surrey Intergroup invites all members to a workshop on “SPONSORSHIP: In A.A., sponsor and sponsored meet as equals, just as Bill and Dr. Bob did. Essentially, the process of sponsorship is this: An alcoholic who has made some progress in the recovery program shares that experience on a continuous, individual basis with another alcoholic who is attempting to attain or maintain sobriety through A.A.” From the leaflet Questions and Answers on Sponsorship.

Please come along and share your questions and your experience with each other and with our guest speakers.
On Tuesday 30th October 2018, from 8pm – 9.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 2 Ward Street, Guildford GU1 4LH
Any queries please email vicechair@aamidsurrey.org.uk or call: 01256 702781

Click here for the leaflet