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There are many online AA meetings around. We refer only to those being hosted by our local groups. Other Intergroups and our national website have lists of further AA online meetings.

A Mid Surrey meeting was invaded by non- alcoholics last week and half the participants left as they found this extremely upsetting.

This is an evolving situation and this document will evolve so please check back.

PASSWORD Protect your AA meeting:

Zoom have now added an extra layer of security and every meeting has to have a password. We understand this is a difficult situation especially for newcomers. However, we wish to protect our members. Newcomers rely on us sharing the message now more than ever.

Since groups are autonomous, it will be up to them to decide on whether they want the password to be shown on the MSIG website www.aamidsurrey.org.uk. Zoom have now enforced passwords, so please submit the new details of your online meeting via the form HERE.

If your group conscience decides not to have your password shown publicly on the MSIG website, we suggest that regular group members are informed of the password and may then pass it on to known alcoholics and newcomers carefully. Newcomers and visitors can also ask for the password via the generic email address for the meeting.

Please ensure that your meeting has a regularly checked generic email contact available.  


We suggest meetings use well-informed Admin/Host service members in addition to a Secretary.


Zoom has the option to enable a ‘waiting room’ and the host can verify the attendees before allowing them into the meeting. Regular members can be authenticated, so that they won’t have to go through validation each time.


Some groups are requesting that all members use live video to participate in meetings to protect us all. However if this is not possible, your group conscience could suggest that the secretary and admin/host will ask those non – video participants to introduce themselves to the meeting.

There are many links available offering suggestions for online AA meetings from AA Intergroups around the globe. Here are a couple to have a look at.

https://www.nyintergroup.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/NYIG_Zoom ProtectionGuide_040320.pdf

https://blog.zoom.us/wordpress/2019/12/04/hosts-admins-secure-zoom-meetingexperience/ zcid=1231&_ga=2.126329613.1448272335.1585485822- 550536262.1581260212

GSR’s- please get in contact with us to share any experience and suggestions you have for neighbouring groups which could be included in this document.

Karla – eclo@aamidsurrey.org.uk
Stef – secretary@aamidsurrey.org.uk
Catherine – vicechair@aamidsurrey.org.uk
Alice – chair@aamidsurrey.org.uk 07773 369081

Updated 05/04/20

Tradition 7 donations to Mid Surrey Intergroup

Please don’t send any more cheques to Ian, our MSIG Treasurer, for the time being as this poses health risks.

Groups can make their Tradition 7 contribution by bank transfer direct to Mid Surrey Intergroup (see bank details below).

Please identify your payment with your group number.

For the account of :

Mid Surrey Intergroup

Sort code: 40 08 13

Account number: 71118870

Each group can ask for donations in their online meetings.

For example by giving the group’s account details in the chat section of a Zoom meeting and/or via an attached WhatsApp group.