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2023: Service News, Conference Final Report, CSC Terms of Reference and AAGB Membership Survey Pamphlet

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Summer 2023 – AA Service News (From the General Service Office of Great Britain)

Saturday Guildford ‘Into Action’ 20 Years Anniversary + Tea Party

The Guildford Saturday morning ‘Into Action’ Meeting is celebrating its 20 year anniversary on the 10th June, dutifully associated with ‘Founders Day’

Founders Day is widely known as the date of Dr. Bob’s last drink, June 10, 1935, is celebrated as the founding date of Alcoholics Anonymous.

In celebration of these two occasions the Into Action group will be holding a tea party after the regular meeting on that day

If you are a fellow who wishes to attend then I believe you are more than welcome.  Please contact Chris J for more details should you have any questions or queries (chrisjohns_on@yahoo.com)

Regular Meeting: Saturday, 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Tea Party: Straight after the meeting